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The Calgary Police Service is changing their policies for Alarm Permits. Every alarm that is installed in the City of Calgary needs to have an alarm permit from the police. This allows the police to keep track of all the installed alarm systems, and respond to them accordingly. So far alarm companies, such as ourselves, have been filling out the permits and sent it to the Calgary Police Alarm Bylaw division. These would then be approved and filed.

The changes that are coming for the dispatching and alarm permits are as follows:

Changes to police dispatch criteria

Effective May 15, 2016, Calgary 9-1-1 will no longer dispatch police to ‘1-hit’ alarm activations, where only one zone has been activated in a premise. Enhanced call verification will have to be provided by our monitoring station, which means that at least two keyholders will have to be contacted, or attempted to be contacted to allow for a police dispatch.

This means that you should look at adding more sensors or swapping your alarm systems for a newer system to add sensors within your building. Otherwise if you only have door sensors and one motion sensor, the intruder will be able to come through the window and only trigger the motion sensor. This will result in the police NOT dispatching for the call, and the intruder having free reign.

Alarm system permits

The Calgary Police Service will also begin charging for permits, which will require an annual renewal. Permitting fees will enable the Service to recover the costs associated with alarm calls, ensuring an efficient use of resources. The permit fee for residential and commercial/financial premises is still under review.


New false alarm penalty fees

A new false alarm penalty structure for recurrent false alarms will also be implemented. Recommendations are being considered for the new false alarm penalty structure that will hold permit holders and alarm agencies more accountable when police are asked to attend alarm calls. These recommendations are currently pending approval by City of Calgary Council. False alarm penalties will continue to be charged to the licensed alarm agency requesting that police attend an alarm call. The false alarm penalty fee structure will be based on a 12-month period. These measures will recover costs associated with alarm bylaw administration and align with practices in other major jurisdictions.

Additional police dispatch changes

Calgary 9-1-1 will no longer dispatch calls for service to premises where 1) no alarm permit exists; 2) the permit is suspended; 3) the call for service is within 14 days of installation; and 4) the alarm agency is not properly licensed. Alarm calls will also no longer be dispatched for commercial premises during regular business hours, as indicated on the registered alarm permit. Without having to respond to false alarms, members of the Calgary Police Service will be available to respond to other calls. We anticipate that Calgary will see improved call response times, with a focus on responses to valid alarm activations and priority calls, and no increased risk to the public.

This means that if your alarm company is not properly licensed you will not get the benefit of the police attending to your call. If the alarm was just newly installed, you have to wait 14 days for it to reach its maximum effectiveness, because the police will not dispatch within 14 days of installation. When filling the alarm permit, the opening hours will have to be clearly defined as well, to ensure the police can dispatch when it is required.


We are a fully licensed alarm agency, and so is our monitoring station. All of our systems are installed so that two sensors will triggered should anyone be intruding on the premises. Learn more about the alarm systems here, or call us today 1 (844) 230-2730. If you have an existing system we can install a new system at no cost to you. Our monitoring rates are $25/month, no hidden costs or fees!

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