Authorized Security is now an Authorized Dealer for Honeywell’s new Lyric Controller

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Honeywell Lyric Certified Dealer Network LogoAuthorized Security is proud to announce our partnership with Honeywell as an Authorized Dealer for the new Honeywell Lyric home security and automation controller. Lyric takes a very customized approach to home security and automation. The Lyric controller features a 7″ touchscreen and is very intuitive and easy to learn. The controller has the looks to impress, with all sensors designed to reflect the controllers design and providing a very attractive touchscreen for your wall. Honeywell also released a new line of sensors designed to work with the Lyric, which bring new features such as two-way communication and encryption.

The Lyric Controller

The Honeywell Lyric controller puts the control of your home right at your fingertips. Honeywell Lyric features a 7″ touchscreen that easily allows you to control your home security and automation, but also shows relevant information such as the weather, time, video from cameras and traffic conditions. Lyric features both WiFi and GSM communication for a reliable and redundant communication to the monitoring station. Lyric, as a home automation controller can control thermostats, lights, locks, video and more, providing control via the vibrant touchscreen, or via the Lyric app. Speech commands are another feature of the Lyric, allowing for hands-free control over your home.

The SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology

The new SiX wireless technology works in perfect harmony with the Honeywell Lyric. The sensors utilizing the SiX technology feature two-way communication, allowing for the controller to turn off sensors when the system is disarmed, providing much longer battery life. The two-way communication also allows for the SiX Smoke detectors to all chime in harmony, should one trigger, instead of having isolated alarms. The new SiX remote can display the system status via LED built into the remote, while the siren can also display the alarm via an LED that is built into the device.

All wireless communications are now also encrypted, ensuring the wireless signals are not intercepted by potential intruders. The result is a safer experience for your home and small business. The advantage to us as a Honeywell Authorized Dealer for the Lyric controller is that we can remotely troubleshoot any issues you may be having. The two-way technology allows for the system to accurately report battery status, signal strength and any other trouble condition the sensor may experience. For the end-user this means easier and significantly quicker service calls, as well as better security and more control over the entire system with advanced status reports.

Get your Honeywell Lyric Today!

The Honeywell Lyric truly is a great solution for security and home control. We are extremely excited to be one of the few companies chosen for Honeywell’s Authorized Dealer program for the Honeywell Lyric. We invite you to get in touch with us and take the Lyric controller for a test drive. The monitoring rate for the Lyric controller is $30/month. Not only will you get the most advanced home and business controller but also the service and support that our subscribers have come to love. Get a free consultation for your home or business today so we can show you the amazing new Honeywell Lyric controller. Call us at 1-844-230-2730 or email us at [email protected]


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