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Security, IT and Multimedia Automation solutions stick with you and your company for quite a while. These solutions should offer the features that you are looking for in an intuitive manner. Ease of use, reliability and often aesthetics are the most important factors of new solutions. Specifications can tell you a variety of details about the products, but holding the product and using it makes all the difference in the world. We have a few reasons as to why you should always request to test-drive and demo any new technology solution you are seeking.

Any reputable manufacturer will give their integration partners the option for demos

Our manufacturer partners, such as Axis, Milestone Systems, Honeywell, Lenovo and more offer demo programs. With these programs, we can source products that our customer is looking for, at no cost to us or the potential client. We can set up a full demo system and show off the features, quality and more. The important part is that everyone can get a hands-on experience with the system and get a feel for it.

Many manufacturers offer these demo programs, which is an easy way to sort out an unreputable manufacturer. The demo programs may involve for a manufacturers representative to come out or might be as lenient that allow us to leave the products on site for a few days, so everyone gets a chance to test it. With specialty products, we utilize these demo programs very heavily. We have most of the usual equipment we install, installed at our showroom. With specialty equipment or large installs, we will gladly set up a full system on site to allow for a thorough demo.

Does it work for your business?

The reason you are looking at a new solution is either because a previous solution didn’t work out right, you are expanding your business, or you are looking at creating more efficiency and security. With companies especially, it is important to have technology that works for the firm. Unfortunately, not all technology does what it is supposed to, which may cause further inefficiencies, instead of speeding things up. With a demo setup or a demo in our showroom, you can get a much better idea of the entire system and how it will work with your business.

How easy is it to use?

Similarly to whether it will work for your business, is the importance of how easy to use a solution is. There is no sense in implementing something that is so complicated to use that it will take employees hours to learn the system, and ultimately cause them and maybe yourself to dread using it. Technology solutions, in particular, need to be simple, straightforward and accessible. Without these features, the best solution won’t hold up.

With a demo of a new system, these questions are eliminated right off the bat. If you can learn to use the system during the demo session, then chances are it is simple enough to learn for most of the employees. Many systems have apps attached to them nowadays as well, which means another interface that is usually never seen until the solution has been fully implemented. During these demo sessions, the app should also be readily available to show all the features for mobile devices, but also the ease of use and translation of the interfaces between the device and the app.

Does it look right?

Aesthetics are important. Your customers, your employees and yourself will see the new device(s) almost every day. If these devices don’t look the part, then chances are you will not be happy with it. During a demo, you will get the opportunity to hold the device, see it and decide how well it will blend into your business environment.

The last thing that should happen is that you have a device installed that does not look the part. Whether it is a speaker, camera, TV or any other customer facing device, the aesthetics are arguably the most important part, after functionality. Aesthetics are not just important for looks either, because cameras that look cheap, or not functional, may be dismissed as fake devices and will not have the same crime prevention ability as a different looking camera.

Technology is more than just price

The important part to realize for technology is that you get what you pay for, most of the time. There are some exceptions with project pricing and specially sourced products. Much like the difference of test-driving a car, the premium product may cost more, but may also be more refined in many ways that the other product cannot even come close to. Sometimes lower cost items can also be very complicated to use, and ultimately make it a horrible choice.

If you were to select the product purely based on pricing, you’d get stuck with the lower cost devices, that may not fulfill your requirements. We have our lower-end and our higher-end products ready to be demonstrated to get an idea of the differences between the products, as well as their functionalities. Often the additional features and the better build quality make for an easy decision once using the products.

Ready to set up a demo?

As we mentioned throughout this article, we are equipped to provide you with a demo of most of the products that we sell. With that, you will be able to test drive the system, learn more about it and make an educated decision whether it is the right fit for you. Depending on the size of your project we may be able to set a demo up for a few days, or simply come to your office and show you the system in action then and there. If you have any questions or would like to arrange for a demo for a system that you have been looking for, look no further and call us at 1-844-230-2730. Optionally you can also email us at [email protected], and we will be more than happy to setup a demo of our solutions for you.

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