Commercial audio solutions can keep your customer entertained and set the mood for your business.

Give your customers and employees something to listen to

Music is a great way to set a mood within a venue, such as a restaurant, club or house of worship. Music can also help ease people, if it is present as background noise. It gives them something to listen to, while they are shopping at your store. Regardless of the application, our commercial audio solutions can help your business. Our design experts can help you create the right audio solution for your building. Whether you are trying to set the mood within your premises, or just want to give your customers something to listen to. We also offer paging systems that can be integrated right into your audio solution.

So what are your options?

Biometric access control eliminates the possible risk for intruders due to lost keys or access cards.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs

Finding the right audio solution for your establishment can be very complicated. We offer advanced audio products that can fill even the largest venues with crisp sound. From mood setting music to concert type experiences, we have it all. Having good sound quality across your venue is important, because it adds to the flair of your business. Our design experts can help you create the right atmosphere for your business.

See who enters and exits your premises, beyond just names. With our access control video solutions you are able to visually verify every persons identity.

Background Music

Your employees and customers enjoy having background music. For employees, it gives them something to listen to while they work. It oftentimes makes them more productive as well. Customers also enjoy background music as it cuts out some of the background noise that may be happening within your business. It makes every visit that much more enjoyable. We can help you create exactly that enjoyable audio experience within your store,

High Security areas need the proper equipment and expertise. We can help with your project.


Instead of running around your building, wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to push a button and page back to the shop? We can make exactly that possible. With a preexisting audio solution or a new audio solution, paging is already possible. We can provide you with everything you need to be able to page your employees and make sure you can stay productive. Paging is a really affordable communication technology that will make a major difference in your business.

How it works

Modern cameras use the same networking technologies, that your computer, printer or other hardwired network devices use. Analog cameras on the other hand use analog signals, as the name suggests. Analog cameras and IP cameras had some trouble coexisting in the same environment, because of the different signals sent by each, and the restriction that the server could often only handle one type of camera.

The Solution:

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