Video is a great tool for presentations and advertising. We can help.

Video is one of the most captivating forms of media. Whether you are looking to upgrade or build a new conference room or are trying to captivate the attention of new customers walking through the door, video can do that for you. It can be hard to find the right video solution for the application. From LED TV’s, projectors, mounting solutions, projection screens and video controllers, we carry it all. Our team will design your solution for you and take it to completion. We offer video walls, digital signage setups, conference room video and directories. If you have a specialized video solution, we can help you realize it.


Large Video Applications

Video walls are an array of TV’s put together to form one large screen. These can be as small as two screens, or can involve dozens of screens. Either way we have the right equipment and expertise to help you make your video project a successful one. We also offer projectors as well as projection screens for large scale video applications. Our expertise allows us to take your project from start to finish, regardless of the size of the installation or design. With our partners, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of choices in terms of products, to meet every budget and project requirement.


Conference Rooms/Office

Sometimes it is great to be able to show your client what you are working on without rotating your screen. We have solutions available that gives you a third screen to share with your customer, such as a wall mounted TV screen or a projector. We also offer conference room setups for video conferencing, presentations and training. Video is a very captivating technology that allows you to capture everyone’s attention with very little effort. With technologies like remote screen sharing, video conferencing and very easy presentations, video is one of the best tools to use for business.


Digital Signage

Digital signage is an extremely simple and effective way to advertise your solutions or products to your customers. From digital menu boards, that allow you to change pricing on the fly, to advertising boards that show your waiting customers what your business is all about. We offer proper mounting solutions for these solutions, to make it look clean and attractive. We also have standalone units, that can be deployed in the middle of a store or mall for a directory type solution, or to allow for check in via touch screen. Either way we have got you covered with our video solutions.

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