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Video Surveillance doesn’t just solve the issues of security. Video Surveillance can help enforce safety policies, get you an overview when you are out of the office or have multiple locations and secure your assets and buildings better. With our video surveillance solutions you are able to see your camera views from anywhere you go, while also having the ability to replay any footage that you may need. Gain better insight on what is going on when you are not around and maximize your bottom line with those additional insights.

high-definition video surveillance cameras

HD Surveillance Cameras

There are hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of cameras on the market, all of which promise HD video quality and the best features possible. Unfortunately, as with many industries there are some major constraints with cameras. We have handpicked our product offering to ensure we only provide the cameras we trust. Our cameras are tested and proven for any condition we can throw at them. We have demos available to be able to show you what our cameras look like, are able to provide in terms of video footage and more. Get in touch with us today.

Video surveillance recording and storage solutions

Video Recording Solutions

Video recording can be a hassle. Many networks are not able to handle video traffic on top of the already heavy loads of internet usage. As such you may end up with choppy video, missing recordings, low quality or unusable video and more. Our recording solutions are equipped to handle the cameras that we pair them with and are upgradable, so that more cameras can be added later on. Storage is another major player within the recording business and we are able to design a solution that will retain video for as long as you need.

Analog video surveillance upgrades

Surveillance Upgrades

Many businesses have existing surveillance that may be a few or many years old. The reason you may be looking at upgrading your surveillance is because you are starting to experience failures of the old cameras, or just want to be able to have a crystal clear picture, instead of the cloudy analog picture that you are used to. We have solutions available that can help you save money while upgrading to the latest surveillance solutions. Get a better overview with high definition IP video surveillance cameras. Get a demo from us today.

Our Video Surveillance Brands

Axis communications authorized reseller logo

Axis Communications

Axis is a Swedish IP Video Surveillance manufacturer and the inventor of the modern network camera. Axis has a broad portfolio of IP cameras for any application, from affordable dome cameras to pressurized hazardous location cameras. Axis has pioneered a variety of technologies, such as Lightfinder, WDR, Image Stabilization and more. With an open API, Axis also allows for the integration of third-party video analytics, enabling the cameras to carry advanced features on board. Learn more about Axis here.

Honeywell video surveillance logo


Honeywell offers a broad range of video surveillance solutions. From their entry-level solutions for pairing with the alarm systems to high-end IP surveillance cameras. Honeywell offers the full solutions from cameras to NVR’s and more. All IP cameras are compatible with the Win-Pak software, allowing for full integration of video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems. MaxPro Cloud is a fully cloud hosted video solution for Honeywell cameras. Learn more about Honeywell’s video surveillance offerings here.

Hikvision dealer partner logo


As the largest IP-camera manufacturer, Hikvision offers an extensive range of cameras, NVR’s and accessories. With advanced on-board analytics and comprehensive feature sets, Hikvision’s products are ideal for affordable video surveillance projects. With the iVMS software, offered at no cost to the end-user, management of cameras can be a breeze. It allows for multiple servers to be managed and viewed from the same interface, enabling greater security and monitoring. Learn more about Hikvision here.

Milestone Systems video management software logo

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a video surveillance software manufacturer. Milestone Systems specializes in software solutions, offering one of the best Video Management Systems on the market today. Milestone prides themselves as the open-source company, resulting in a variety of plug-ins for access control integration, license plate recognition and more. Milestone also offers the so-called Husky NVR range of products for smaller projects, providing a pre-designed server bundled with powerful software for any application. Learn more.

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